“Biomimcry of the Sun” is a light that replicates the physical effects of the sun. It uses LEDs and software and is programmed to synch with the time of the sunrise and sunset. Each day, the LEDs illuminate and mimic the changing color spectrum of the sun. After moving through blues and yellows, the lights gradually fade through sundown.

The clock is inspired by the field of Chronobiology, the study of internal clocks in all living organisms. This field demonstrates the importance of the sun’s changing color temperature on our internal clocks. Our internal clocks are imperative to dictating tasks that sustain our health, but their needs are offset by our increasingly artificial world. By utilising the brackets of the rising and setting of the sun, this clock does not over extend itself. In this sense it signifies our humanness and need for a society that is not ‘always on’.

The LEDs and Fresnel lenses are encased in a brass structure. As the light shines through the lens, a beam is projected onto the wall changing in colour and location throughout the day. While today Fresnel lenses are readily available in plastic, Biomimcry of the Sun resurrects the historical Fresnel lens in optic crystal. In doing so it combines traditional materials and craft with advanced programming and LED technology.

Photography: Cristian Lorca