Invisible Manifestations of a Wireless World from Lissa Zengernik uses a series of animations projected onto large microchip-shaped translucent screens to tell the story of ‘The Yellow One’. Described on her website as a data particle, ‘The Yellow One’ is a little creature that zooms around the interior space of our digital devices before morphing into a messenger. After it delivers information through the air the creature then shape shifts once again to release the message to the receiver’s phone.


Although the idea sounds abstract at first, Lissa presents in tandem a series of candid conversations that quickly create a link to the emotional language we engage in when discussing our relationship with technology. These conversations question both the physical and psychological notion of what happens when we send a text using cell and smart phones. One conversation presents the idea of elves with big hands throwing letters around from phone to phone. While another interview focuses on the radiation waves that are released via text messages. This second one is quite interesting as it creates a visualization of the concept of text messages continually moving through our bodies via radiation waves.


The little creature is succinctly and poetically illustrated in a step-by-step process titled, ‘The Yellow One ~ The Medium That Carries Our Data’. Here, this creature’s evolution is outlined from a radio wave, to a sound, to a bit and back to a radio wave. The resulting animated projections use a language that references computer chips, industrial factories, and early scientific radiation diagrams. (


While we know the speed at which technology permits communication does not happen through some magical sorcery the invisibility of data enables us to perceive it that way. Lissa’s work creates a unique dialogue about the materialization of the data in-between the spaces of communication that cannot be seen. Perhaps the most interesting element of Invisible Manifestations is the attention it draws to the utilization of the human imagination which yearns for creativity in an increasingly mundane digital world.